Ultimate Bridal

Our brick and mortar store is located in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles' Fashion District, a place where glamour and stylish trends come alive. We stock a wide variety of bridal and wedding accessories to match almost any wedding theme. Our stock includes our best-selling items including crowns and tiaras, ring bearer pillows, flower girl baskets, toasting flutes and serving sets. Customer satisfation is very important to us and that is why we make sure that our staff are highly trained, so that they're ready to help make your wedding dream come true.


With the increasing number of delighted customers, Benjamin, owner of Ultimate Bridal Inc., decided to expand access to its products and services. He opened a new online store and called it Ben's Bridal. Launched in June 2012, bensbridal.com aimed to provide the same level of courtesy and personal care to customers nationwide. Ben's Bridal also offers accessories and supplies for weddings and special occassions. At bensbridal.com, we hope you'll enjoy the same great shopping experience as with Ultimate Bridal.